Tragedy Strikes Prague: Gunman Takes Lives in University Mass Shooting

Prague, Czech Republic

  • In a shocking incident that unfolded at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts building, a gunman unleashed terror, leaving 14 people dead in what has become the worst mass shooting in Czech history. As the authorities grapple with the aftermath, here’s a breakdown of the tragic events.

The Attack Unfolds

  • On Thursday afternoon, chaos erupted at Charles University when a lone gunman targeted the Faculty of Arts building. Students barricaded themselves in rooms, prompting police to conduct a meticulous floor-by-floor operation to ensure their safety. Bodycam footage revealed the tense moments as officers hunted for the assailant, who ultimately took his own life on the building’s roof.

Casualties and Investigations

The authorities confirmed that the shooter had not only claimed 13 lives within the university but was also suspected of killing a man and his young daughter in a forest near Prague a week prior. The motive remains elusive, with officials highlighting the difficulty in ascertaining the reasons behind such a heinous act. Most victims were women, and the attack is believed to have been random.

Police Response and Prevention

  • Petr Matejcek, the city’s police director, emphasized the importance of a swift police response, preventing potential additional casualties. The police had to navigate through piles of ammunition strewn in the corridors, underscoring the gravity of the situation. Interior Minister Vit Rakusan praised the quick police action, revealing that the assailant had brought a significant number of firearms into the university, intending to cause mass harm.

The Perpetrator

  • The gunman, identified as 24-year-old David Kozak, reportedly took his own life as police closed in. Prior to the shooting, authorities had received a tip that Kozak was heading to Prague from a nearby town with suicidal intentions. Investigations are underway to confirm his involvement in the murders of a man and his two-month-old daughter in the Klanovicky forest on December 15.

Aftermath and Vigil

  • The University community mourns the loss of Lenka Hlavkova, the head of the Institute of Musicology at Charles University, among others. A Facebook post from the institute expressed deep sorrow, calling the news “extremely cruel.” Additionally, 25 people sustained injuries, including a Dutch citizen and two individuals from the United Arab Emirates.

Police Tactics and Criticism

  • Criticism arose regarding the police’s use of firearms, with some questioning the response time. However, both Matejcek and Rakusan defended the officers’ actions, emphasizing the challenging circumstances they faced. Rakusan described the police reaction as “really professional,” considering the initial information about a suicidal individual rather than a mass killer.

Ongoing Alert and Social Media Monitoring:

  • With the immediate threat quelled, authorities remain on high alert for potential copycat incidents inspired by the tragedy. Vigilance extends to monitoring social media for any signs of imminent danger. The focus is on preventing further harm and ensuring public safety.


As Prague grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event, questions linger about the motivations behind the attack and how such incidents can be prevented in the future. The community mourns the lives lost and stands united against the specter of violence that has shaken the city to its core.

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